Dragondress Sophia DX Ver. 1.1

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Dragondress Sophia from the "DarkAdvent" figure-kit series is back as Ver. 1.1, featuring newly designed and printed facial expressions!

Designed by the illustrator Saitom and sculpted by Maki Asai, the lovely Sophia is based on the highly posable Machinika body, similar to that used for Megami Device kits. She's partnered with the massive Dragon Gauntlet, which appears to have a life of its own -- sometimes it's a reliable arm-mounted weapon or riding unit, and sometimes, well ... Sophia has trouble controlling it! It can be attached to her legs like wings, it can form a trident-like weapon, and its mouth can be opened to reveal a long tongue inside. Sophia comes with bun hair parts to replace her horns, and she also has a total of six interchangeable faces and nine interchangeable hands. She can also be displayed topless, and comes with a very special part for the dragon head. Add this fierce fighting female to your own collection today!