PLAMAX GP-03 Guilty Princess Maidroid Chloe

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Guilty Princess

The Guilty Princess Maidroid Chloe is the third addition to Good Smile company's PLAMAX range. The latter, the result of the collaboration between the famous illustrator Tony and Max Factory, joins the other Battle Maidens.

"Guilty Princess" marks the arrival of the first female characters in the PLAMAX range. The girls, called Battle Maidens, are inspired by fairy tales and myths. Each girl's cute appearances as well as their falls from virtue are the key points of the plastic model series.

The mold features dynamic parts and wrinkled clothing for a vivid appearance. In particular, the folds around the waist and hips as well as the details of the clothes are the highlights of the sculpture. Thanks to his knowledge of the Figma figurine series, Max Factory is able to create spectacular and natural hips and legs to sublimate the illustrations of Tony, famous for his work on the Shining video game series. The plastic model has both a beautiful appearance and an unparalleled articulation.

Guilty Princess Maidroid Chloe, the cool and poised chef of the maids!

  • The model is based on Tony's drawings and created by Max Factory.
  • This plastic mockup uses snap-fit connections for easy assembly.
  • Flexible plastic is used in specific areas, allowing proportions to be maintained without compromising posability.
  • Three pre-painted faces are included; standard expression, smiling face and smiling face with eyes closed.
  • A blank face plate and eye decals are also included.
  • It comes with its vacuum cleaner-type weapon "Exterminator", an energy cartridge, a long ponytail, a long ribbon, a cap and an interchangeable front part.
  • PLAMAX Maidroid Miao's "Mobile Artillery Broom Striker" broom type weapon (sold separately) can be combined with the Exterminator to create the Combined Heavy Electric Canon.
  • The hand parts are made of PVC.
  • An articulated base is included to present the plastic model in a variety of poses.