SD Legend BB Musha Godmaru Final Decisive Battle Ver


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Among the BB BB warriors, the extremely popular warrior Dou Maru, from the LEGENDBB series, Final Battle Ver.

"The fiery spirit of the spirit, like the clear mind of the water, this is" the ground of the fiery water "Nai"

Reproduce the form of the final battle, gold and silver plating, with new modeling.

Stone-breaking heavenly sword is included in new modeling. Silver plated and finished with a strong presence. Pattern head is reproduced with green clear parts.

Heavenly god tool and crest of a new part with gold and silver plating and clear molding material for a luxurious finish!

110mm in length, heavenly instrument on the chest and body, a proof of skylight appearing at an angle, and a ridge of a shoulder, which is reproduced in a new form, finished with silver and gold plating.

Includes foil seal for detailed reproduction. Clear molded parts are used in the center of the heavenly god tool and proof of Tenku.

The warrior form, the super mode "Explosive Team" is also finished gorgeously!

Gold plating is newly used for various places such as corner decoration and detonation armor.

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