Sgt Frog Keropla No.DX03 Godkeron


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Bandai Namco


SGT Frog

Get ready for the alien frogs' invasion of Earth and your collection with this fantabulous set of the five-member Keroro platoon and their Mk.II robots, plus bonus parts! If you have yet to buy the plastic kits of the Keroro platoon's Mk.II robots that were individually released back in 2007, here's your chance to get them all in one set along with a bonus pair of giant beam sabers, a red fabric mantle, and a display base, all included for this set only! The simple snap-fit assembly kits come molded in color, and stickers are included for detail so not a drop of glue or paint is required. Each of the Mk.II robots can switch between its robot and alternate mode upon completion. and can also be combined with the other to form the great God Keron robot! Set aside a weekend to build everything in this cool set or let your friends or family members join in the fun!