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Union Robot Atlanger

In the 1970s, the "Gattai Yamato" made a big impact with its innovative design where the bridge could transform into a giant robot! Aoshima continues its "Gattai" lineup with this model kit of Gattai Musashi, the robot formed from Gattai Yamato's bridge, together with a kit to build his beautiful female companion Jinguji Nagisa! Gattai Musashi has been redesigned to be heavier and more massive than before; he sports a frame structure common to the series and extra joint parts, so you can replace and combine parts with ease. You can even use parts from the previously released Gattai Atlanger kit! Gattai Musashi can be separated into four machines: Zet Machine, Cord Machine, Slide Machine and Bulldog Machine. Since it's molded in color, you can achieve a result very much like the cover illustration simply by assembling the kit -- painting is not necessary! Lots of weapons are included too, and let's not forget Jinguji Nagisa! She's highly posable once assembled, and comes with three interchangeable facial expressions and five interchangeable hands; a blank facial expression is also included, plus decals so you can create your own custom face for her. She can be displayed with or without her jaunty cap thanks to interchangeable hair parts, and she took is molded in color. Some of Gattai Musashi's parts can be attached to Jinguji Nagisa as well so she can be an armored girl! You'll have a lot of fun with this kit -- place your order today!

[Size]: Gattai Musashi: approximately 17.5cm tall when completed; Jinguji Nagisa: approximately 14cm tall when completed
[Materials]: PS, ABS, PVC

Gattai Musashi: armed parts Chimney Cannon, Drill, Anchor Rod, Zet Shield, Cord Fender
Jinguji Nagisa: interchangeable faces (x3: front smile, smile with pipe, front shout)
Jinguji Nagisa: blank interchangeable face and decals for facial expressions
Jinguji Nagisa: interchangeable hands (x5: normal hand, holding hand, grip hand, flat hand, peace sign)
Jinguji Nagisa: interchangeable hair (x2: normal, with cap)
General-purpose joint parts (x8)